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Welcome to Hiway Hifi

HiWay HiFi is the leading professionals in the Finger Lake region with more than 27 years experience when it comes to custom home entertainment along with mobile electronics. We have a dedicated staff that is determined and qualified to help you in every step of your purchase. In an age of big box retailers customer support is at an all time low, here at HiWay HiFi we put you the customer first. You can be sure that every time you walk through our door there will be a friendly familiar face to assist you.

The Right Service - No need to be an expert when you come in, we're happy to answer all your questions and give you the background you need to make an informed decision. We give our customers a lot of personal attention and listen carefully to their needs. "Customer Service" is not just another throw-away phrase with us and you'll notice it right away. Most of our staff have been here for years and are passionate about sound and video. They receive ongoing training in the latest advances in audio, video, architecture, room acoustics and automation to ensure they recommend what's right for your situation. When you visit us again in the future, you'll see the same familiar faces of people taking care of your long-term needs.

The Right Selection - There's a special reason why we carry each and every product we sell. If we recommend something, it's because it represents the highest quality and best value. We carry many handcrafted products that you won't find in chain stores. Our components are priced in the same range but give far superior performance.

Here at HiWay HiFi you can be sure that customer service & satisfaction is #1 which leaves all our competitors 2nd best.

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